Boiled Pork with Garlic Ginger Sauce

This Boiled Pork dish is very easy to make.
The sauce is the key and can be arrenged by your own way.
I just introduce my version of quite sweet and spicy sauce.
Recommend to eat with rice or some salads.



500g Pork (I usedpork belly, but can use pork fillet.)
2 stalks of spring onions
2 cloves of Garlic
40g of Ginger
3 Table Spoons of Soy sauce
2 Tea Spoons of Honey (or 3 Tea Spoons of Sugar)
2 Table Sppons of Hot water
1 Table Spoons of Sesami Oil (option)
1 Tea Spoon of Oyster Sauce(option)
1/2 Fresh Cilli (Option)

1.Chop the green part of spring onion and slice a couple of ginger thinly.

2. Put pork and green pat of spring onion and 2 slices of ginger in a deep sauce pan.
Add water until cover the pork completely. Boil for about 30 to 40 minutes until cooked.

3.Meanwhile, chop the rest of spring onion and grate the garlic and ginger.

4.All put in a bawl.

5.Add Say sauce, honey, sesami oil, oyster sauce, and hot water and taste.
If you feel it's too salty, add more water. If you feel it's too spicy, add more honey or sugar.

6.Make sure the pork is cooked and take out from the pan, slightly allow to cool.

7 Try to slice diagnonaly, thinly as much as possible and make a layer on the plate.
Pour Garlic Ginger sauce all over the pork.

8. Bon App├ętit!!

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I have been in the UK for nealy 13 years.
It was easy to get Japanese ingredients when I was in London. But not so easy here in Yorkshire. However we can buy basic ingredents and seasoning such as Soy sauce and Nori(Seaweed) from rocal supermarkets nowadays. My cooking is not the same as the cooking in Japan. I use rocal vegetables for substitute but still it becomes taste of Japan.
Everybody cooks differently, so my cooking is Japanese-ish home cooking in Yorkshire!

My Profession: Chef

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